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MiniMuffs® In Service tutorial


Course Instructor: Paola Doniz

Course Description:
MiniMuffs® Neonatal Noise Attenuators are designed specifically for premature babies to protect their sensitive ears and provide a safe environment for healthy development. MiniMuffs help meet American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe noise levels in the NICU1 and Reduce sound levels by at least 7 decibels (dB)which results in a reduction of sound pressure level of more than 50%
Reduced noise levels are clinically demonstrated to positively impact infant state.2,3 By reducing noise levels, MiniMuffs noise attenuators result in potentially longer periods of sleep time, optimal oxygenation and improved physiological stability
This course is designed to instruct on the safe application on Minimuffs in the NICU environment, and will conclude with a Quiz.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the function on Minimuff Neonatal Noise Attenuators
• Demonstrate safe application of Minimuff Neonatal Noise Attenuators
• Demonstrate safe removal of Minimuff Neonatal Noise Attenuators

1 American Academy of Pediatrics. Noise: A Hazard for the Fetus and Newborns. PEDIATRICS Vol. 100 No. 4, pp.724-727.
2 Salama, H. (2012) The Impact of Earmuffs on Vital Signs in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Neonatology Today, Volume 7 / Issue 2, February 2012.
3 Brown, G. (2009) NICU Noise and the Preterm Infant. Neonatal Network, 28(3): 165-173.

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