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  • There is so much to be discovered in the NCA JOURNAL. As a symbol of our commitment to global networking and cooperation, the NCA JOURNAL features educational articles, scientific papers and best practice examples, all selected to support the neonatal community as a whole.

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    Natus NCA JOURNAL - Edition 1 / 2015

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    This first edition covers a stimulating range of topics including an exciting journey through the evolution of neonatology as seen by Dr Alvin A. Miller, a debate on neonatal hearing screening by Dr Judith A. Marlowe, and an examination of the current challenges in jaundice management by Dr Vinod K. Bhutani, to name just a few.

    Natus NCA JOURNAL - Edition 1 / 2016

    3.73 MB 197 downloads

    One of the most vulnerable organs in the first days of life – the neonatal brain – is in focus in this issue, the second edition of our Journal. Early detection of neurologic issues may increase the chance of a good long-term outcome. We leave the NCA tribune to the leading experts, our renowned professionals, who share their opinions and findings on the subject with you here.

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