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Usefulness of two-channel aEEG recording in a neonatal setting

(Juan Arnaeza,b , Cesar Guillermo Sanchez-Acostac, Juan Fasceb,d and Alfredo Garcia-Alix)

Usefulness of two-channel aEEG recording in a neonatal setting

The development of two-channel aEEG monitors in recent years has allowed for the detection of unilateral brain lesions, and for guided decision-making in real time for infants admitted to the neonatal unit.

In order to highlight some of the main clinical situations in NICU where two channel amplitude-integrated electroencephalography may provide important additional information versus one-channel monitoring, this study details aEEG recordings (obtained from Olympic Brainz Monitor) which records a two-channel aEEG as well as a raw EEG from two electrodes over each hemisphere.

Results: This article describes the advantages of the use of the two-channel aEEG in different clinical scenarios of the newborn infant: infarct, brain malformation, subdural hygroma, subgaleal bleeding, and preterm brain damage.

Conclusions: Two-channel monitoring allows the detection of asymmetries in aEEG trends and/ or epileptic activity that may reflect unilateral brain pathology, and it conditions diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in clinical practice.

Read the Full text of this article here: THE JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE

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October 15, 2019
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