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Premature babies, or neonates with some forms of congenital disorder, may need to stay in hospital for longer than their parents expect. During hospitalization, the Nicview webcam system helps parents feel connected with their newborn, even when they’re physically separate. The Nicview webcam system is a sophisticated, online, live video streaming service which enables parents to see and bond with their newborn from a distance. It is also a valuable clinical tool for guided neonatal care.

Parents and clinical staff are issued with a username and a password to log into their account online. The account is linked to a single camera, mounted at the bedside of the neonate. Parents can watch their baby for as long and as often as they wish, helping to strengthen familial bonds. Ideal for the parent, or parents, who cannot be physically present at the hospital, the video feed is accessible on any device with an internet connection. Videos can be streamed on laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc., and herald the era of ‘virtual visiting’.

Parents may share the access password with close friends and relatives, introducing the newborn to the wider family. While parents draw consolation from this portal and can watch their newborn’s progress, it is also a valuable added extra for pediatricians able to use virtual viewing to support neonatal bedside care.

A key feature of the Nicview webcam system is its simplicity and ease of use. No specialized software or plug-ins are needed. It is compatible with all browsers and will not be blocked by any type of firewall. The service is also optimized for streaming on mobile phones, without the need for a special app. All the videos are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, the web security standard. This upholds the privacy rights of the newborn and its parents, and ensures complete confidentiality. With only those authorized able to gain access to the video, the system is extremely safe.

Nicview customer support services are excellent, and available around the clock to answer queries from parents and medical personnel. Administration controls allow medical staff to deactivate the system during treatment or to program specific viewing times. All in all, the Nicview webcam system plays a valuable role in helping bring families together.

To learn more on NicView visit: nicview.natus.com

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