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Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography signals in preterm infants with cerebral hemorrhage

ChristinaSchreiner, MarleneHammerl, Vera Neubauer, UrsulaKiechl-Kohlendorfer, Elke Griesmaier Early Human Development Volume 154, March 2021, 105309

This study evaluated aEEG signals in preterm infants with cerebral hemorrhage.  Preterm infants (n = 536) born before 32 completed weeks of pregnancy at Innsbruck Medical University Hospital were included in the study. aEEG recordings were evaluated for the Burdjalov score and cerebral hemorrhage was diagnosed by cerebral ultrasound.

The authors found that preterm infants with cerebral haemorrhage display lower Burdjalov total scores in the first week of life, and observed a predictive value for Burdjalov total score and not developing cerebral hemorrhage after three days of life

By including aEEG in preterm monitoring, alterations that might predict brain hemorrhage could be used to time ultrasound scans, and with the use of aEEG in early life, this could reduce the number of ultrasound examinations and limit cumulative stress and discomfort in preterm infants.

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February 15, 2021
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