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Course Description:

Childbirth is an emotional event for parents and families, particularly when a newborn’s first few critical days, weeks or even months are spent in the NICU. 24/7 video streaming with NICVIEW helps families feel more involved right from the start, making them partners in the process of giving their hospitalized family member the best start in life.

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the clinical application and system overview of the NICVIEW Live Video Streaming solution for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

You will find the following modules available:

  • NICVIEW Portal In Service
  • NICVIEW Basic User In Service
  • NICVIEW Workflow Manager In Service
  • NICVIEW Administrator In Service

All course attendees should first complete the NICVIEW Portal in service module – and then choose from the appropriate modules related to their roles as Basic User, Workflow Manager or Administrator

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this tutorial, participants will be able to:

  • Describe NICVIEW features and functions
  • Demonstrate familiarity with NICVIEW Components and Software
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of the NICVIEW Software in relation to their role
  • Describe how Parents can access the NICVIEW Portal

In addition to these training modules, the following documents are available as resources to you:

  • NICVIEW Sample Policy
  • NICVIEW Sample Consent Form
  • NICVIEW Competency – Bedside User
  • NICVIEW Competency – Workflow Manager
  • NICVIEW Competency – Administrator
  • NICVIEW Funding resource guide
  • NICVIEW Hospital Marketing Toolkit
  • NICVIEW Overview for Parents
  • NICVIEW Instructions for Parents
  • NICVIEW Networking Guide
  • NICVIEW Family Satisfaction Survey
  • NICVIEW Case Study

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