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  • Basics of aEEG

    Basics of aEEG

    Instructor: Teresa Boone, RN | Director – Global Education Natus Medical Incorporated


    Course Overview:

    aEEG has become a standard bedside tool in many hospitals for monitoring the brains of infants with HIE undergoing therapeutic hypothermia and many other neurologic conditions, especially where seizures are suspected.

    Successful trace interpretation is crucial to aEEG success.  Similar to an EKG monitor that displays the electrical contractility of the heart, aEEG produces traces mapping the electrical impulses of the brain.  Interpretation is based on specific pattern criteria including the upper/lower margins, presence or absence of sleep wake cycles, and presence or absence of seizure activity.


    Upon completion of this program, the nurse will be able to:

    • Describe components in transitioning raw EEG into aEEG
    • Describe the aEEG trace nomenclature and qualifications for both term and premature babies
    • Assess aEEG trace patterns and apply trace nomenclature/qualifications to define aEEG background patterns
    • Assess aEEG trace patterns and apply trace qualifications for areas of suspicion/suspected seizures
    • Utilize the raw EEG to validate the aEEG trace
    • Describe how artifact and/or impedance may impact trace purity
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    Provider: Natus Medical Incorporated, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 16614

    Course Reviews


    19 ratings
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    1. Basics of aEEG


      Very informative!!!

    2. Basics of aEEG


      content really good, I enjoyed listening to the lecture, a nice addition to just reading slides on a screen

    3. 4

      Difficult to understand recording.

    4. Basics of aEEG


      Wish the numbers were clearer when reading the aeeg

    5. Basic aEEG


      Poor sound quality but useful tools to read BRAINZ monitor

    6. 4

      Needs better sound quality

    7. basics of aeeg


      sound quality poor; otherwise great information

    8. Great course


      Great course but the video was poor quality.

    9. Extremely helpful


      This is an excellent presentation and is easy to comprehend. Thank You. the CEU is very much appreciated.

    10. Video course are good


      i was watch this tutorial and i got it.

    11. Great


      I liked it, the explanations are so clear and I feel I improve day by day.

    12. 5

      Thank you Teresa Boone. Easy to follow and very applicable for me as a bedside RN.

    13. Basics of aEEG


      Very informative

    14. The course was easy to navigate but I am having trouble printing the certificate

    15. Very clear, focused on basic patterns and basic artefacts seen in daily practice. One area not mentioned and would be also helpful would be aEEG and common medication used, i.e. intubation drugs or morphine for cooling babies

    16. not user friendly, very hard to navigate around!

    17. This site is ridiculous to navigate. It is not user friendly at all.

    18. The power point was very informative and helped me better understand the aEEG readings

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