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  • aEEG – in premature infants

    aEEG – in premature infants / Video Training Course.
    Dr. Katrin KLEBERMASS-SCHREHOF (Medical University of Vienna)
    Judy MOORE (International Clinical Marketing Manager Natus Medical Inc.)


    As the limits of viability are pushed back, and clinicians are challenged every day with caring for lower gestation age infants, understanding the evolving maturation of the neonatal brain is an important aspect of Neonatal Care in order to help optimise outcomes for Extremely Low Gestational Age infants.  aEEG is a technique that has been successfully utilised to help to predict the long term outcomes of infants in the NICU, and this method is also applied to the preterm population.
    This course is designed to help clinicians understand the difference in the aEEG between term and preterm infants and to understand the benefits of monitoring preterm infants with aEEG technology.

    The course will assist the clinician in understanding:

    • The Challenges of monitoring small preterm infants
    • The normal background patterns expected at varying gestational ages
    • Maturational features of aEEG
    • The Prognostic Value of aEEG in preterm infants

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